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moments of darkness; within the heavy clouds; words from the heart; passing like smoke in the eye;                                                      


people have grown impatient;
no longer do images come to mind with words;
they seek more
they are discontented and seek immortality in bright graphics;
failing to see the beauty within;
I too am guilty;
when will the soul be contented?
when will the heart be at rest?

listen to the street, the display of colour turn into events of splendor;

what is real?
what is fake?
What do I make of other people?
Their actions, their words.
I cannot tell. 
I am bad at judging ages.
Bad at concealing my displeasure.
Politeness is a habit.
Sometimes even I think it's so fake.
Sight tells a story.
My mind tells me another.
A battle full of conviction.
A battle full of hope.
Time heals all they say.
It's just that reality sinks in.
Feelings fade.
Memories distant.
Hope becomes a permanent resident.
Emotions become my burden.
Work is my freedom.
Worries are my companions.


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