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lomo; not lobo!
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npsea ii
npsea enterprise

a place to free thoughts; a place to see thoughts;

npsea? repeat after me nap-see, npsea;

npsea enterprise = external dimension for thoughts

npsea enterprise; what started out as a creative space for expression has evolved into an external space where thoughts can develop and exist; another dimension of existance other than that of the mind;

ever felt so busy that you can't recall what happened yesterday? here's my chance to look back;

with a new year comes new hope; npsea ii; a new home for thoughts;move on to npsea ii now;

the sun has finally appeared;

it has been raining for two days non stop;

KLCC is now on my right; I can see them glowing in the darkness;

I saw a dead man today; there he was lying on the ground; with his mouth open; blood all over his face;

was wondering whether the places I stepped upon was also stepped upon by the people I think about; it would be interesting to have a camera set up and see the people walking pass; checking to see if they are the ones I want to see;

a dog tried to follow mw home today;

visited the Art museum today; finally visited the Asian Civilisation museum today;

new lomo shots; snippets of my hols;

lazy desaru; fashion hunting in jb;

went to ubin today, after a 6 year break; cycling; sitting on the beach; tired feet; crispy skin;

the auntie i often see from my window won't be sitting there with her husband tomorrow; he won't be accompanied ny her when he reads his morning papers tomorrow; she won't be on her excercising machine; wonder who will be using it? her friends and relatives will come and visit her today, tomorrow and the day after; they'll be silent; not a word; just sobs; she'll be smiling;TOMORROW;

my first exam in three years; crowded; order in the mess;

strange to have so much time to study; I'm usually so rushed for time; not there's a void to fill; strange;

finally November, my favorite month of the year; long busy days; I'm the first person to ever go to kaka's house; it has a very aged feel to it; as though I was transported back in time; his floors were red smooth cement;

another month has gone; it has been a crazy weekend and another busy week; always wanted to be busy; having my doubts now; ?;

Cranberries's new album is finally out! Don't think I bought it on the first day though; don't analyze; don't analyze;

Won Fei's new album is finally out! Bought it on the 1st day that it's out; seems to be a tradition for me;

Let it B? Won fei! 3 more days to her new album;
flew a kite for the first time today!! :)

developed and collected my first lomo pictures! (Look under lomo, not lobo);afew nice ones; nice to me that is;

did an expensive project today; broke my friend's glasses; paid $150 for her replacement;

like every year on the mid autumn festival, I play won fei's dan yun yan chiong gao; can't see the moon tonight; it's too cloudy; dan yuan ren chang jiu;

wong fei policy; fei on; green tea mooncakes; but Kaya? that's a first for me; they label it jade; well it is green after all;

the past few days have been crazy! rushing my design; late nights; early awakening; it's amazing that i'm still standing; went shopping alone today at orchard; no; it's just that my new project is about orchard rd;haha; ps collected my free cd; expecting another one real soon;

it's offically; i'm not a retreater; i'm a lover; botanic gardens was visited by hords of us; my original idea, orginal concept; lost by a change in theme; as my mom always says; xi cheng yao bin gua; it's a challenge; not an obstacle;

i'm getting at myself; really affected by my work; hit by gastric; crit till 10; made it in time for HERO though; no matter where i go, be it at home, at times centrepoint; i'm constantly thinking abt my designs, my essays, concepts, ideas; I am even awoken by thoughts concerning work; need an escape, a short one; meditation has lost her hold on me;

moments of fear; moments of tragedy; the world trade centre has collapsed; the moments of peace vanish; replaced by fear; replaced by thoughts; that signal that the end is near;

realised that my world is so different and so focused (well kind of); went to arts side and the atmosphere was so different; felt uncomfortable;

bought the Lomo camera!!!!! hope the inspiration never dies!

maybe i'll go asian civilisation museum this fri;

first time that I ached so much just for drawing; not paintings mind u, just technical drawings!

so much for seeing my design on a tee; forgot how disappointment comes with hope; :P

at the museum again; after the national day visit, my studio is here for an offical visit;

borrowed my first book from the national library;
still prefer the school libraries;

market a Tee-shirt? perhaps I have that potential;
painted a wall mural; theme; Utopia; where; perhaps in your heart;

a spray of mist amongst the heat; physical yet not holdable;
cool and enjoyable; yet so unpredictable;

the satisfaction from a layman is better than one from an educated snob; because ur work becomes accessable to everyone; from all levels of society;

I saw my inspiration today! (refer inspiration) I saw won fei!!

To school. to school I go today! :)

la mien! la mien!

so affected by the actions of a "friend"; really give up on the nature of mankind;

trying to achieve a dream; it take so much effort; yet somehow it will come; i believe;

suddenly felt as though i was the creation of someone else; my stylist that is; i'm like a walking model created by him;

went for a haircut today; there is suddenly so much energy; feel so reliefed; so light; as though the weight is taken away;


no, that's definitely not me; just where i went to get my hair done; where? click on the picture to find out; my new found friend in imaging;

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maybe it's just me

people don't seem to pay attention to details; maybe it's just me; but there are so many things out there that people seem to get go without ever appreciating it properly; i'm guilty of it too sometimes; but i would like to think that at least i am trying;

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