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lomo; not lobo!
excercises 2001
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Graphic Workshop
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npsea ii
npsea enterprise

n = normal p = people s = see e = everything a = aimlessly

what will become of us mere mortals, caught up in the disputes of this lowly world?

thoughts in a day;
there are so many thoughts in my mind; many meaningless; only bringing panic to the heart; some to deal with the lessons; some to relief the stress;thoughts cannot be seen; so hopefullly through npsea enterprise - you, yes, you, will be able to see better;

sleepless nights

deep into the dark
lost inside one's thoughts
awoken by the heart
that seems to fight so hard

worries that should be unkown
fear which should not be feared
awakes one from the slumbe
with more than one can hold

meaningless it seems
as time passes on
unknown to me at all
as to what and how to go on

rays of sunlight dancing in the sky
branches of trees swaying in the wind

partners in a dance
viewers in a trance

a scene so often there
hidden from the world out there