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thoughts in the wind

npsea = normal people see eveything aimlessly

or so i thought so two years ago...
everything is but a matter of perception

who would have thought that I would end up in this part of the world | life is full of surprises |
on the road
talking to myself in korea...
interim draws nearer and nearer...yet i am filled with a sense of calmness
because i know it will soon be over
i will be watching faye wong concert on xmas day!
my two year wait is finally over!
i received my wong fei cd today!
my second demonstration
i'm starting to believe that korea is a land of demonstrations
many firsts today
first time i took a constrcution elevator
first time i sat on a motorcycle
3 days to go
making model
watching wong fei's new  mv
my favourite month of the year feels
like any other day
perhaps it is because i am sick
for an instance
an image that came to mind
it was just an image
no meaning
not my reality
my first riot ever
almost got hit by the stones they threw
scary and yet exciting
pyeong rak went forward to take photos
i think he'll make a good journalistic photographer
went to jongmyo and insadong with the photoclub members
never felt so much pressure to take a photo
had a good time; really
went to an architectural firm called space
went to changdeokgung
where was the king?
we on the air con together with the heater
golden glitter in the eyes
swollen fingers as evidence of my visit
stolen glances
to keep memories of an mountain
gwanak san
winter in here
they've on the heaters
went gyeongbokgung palace today
you look at me
i look at you
twenty years pass between us
i see the me then
you see the you there
you wish for more
i wish for less
poem to a king
is it lonely or busy?
to have so many people protecting you
walled into a sanctuary
you wish for others to see you
yet you don't wish to be seen
you want protection
from divine intervention
do you believe in all the things around you?
you must
because you are king
high high on love
high high on love
loveholic cd arrived; finally
high high on love  
high high on love  
laptop arrived after much delay
it was a surprise to see fisherman's friend
prata and brayani in ansan 
reminds me of india 
and not home 
yet i feel at home 
to see mango juice 
spatial wonderland
visited heyri wonderland today
feel as though we were shrunk and placed into the world of models
caught the fireworks  festival in seoul
drops of gold fill the sky
a korean called me jian today
no one has called me that in quite a while
need sometime alone
i need to do my work
kindergarden work
that's what my actions were labelled
so i want to be a kid
who wants to be old? 
sleepless nights
i cant afford to sleep
work to be done
thoughts to be drawn
ideas to be translated
and i am all by myself
influenza jab 6000 won
we had no idea what the form said
even after the doctor's explanation
so we guessed
and hoped for the best  
i smelt the smoke that dongQ smoked
the aftertaste of one's relief
leaves a sense of bitterness
in my existance
unknowingly i inhale the thoughts and worry of another
a burden like no other
only the owner is able to tell
but then he is freed by his cloud of splendour
i thought home was just two hours away
it's a rainy day, rainy day, rainy day
no typhoon
it got blown away
the wind here is wonderful
it brings you into a dreamlike world
it became so strong that i almost got blown away  
news of the typhoon approaching
lotte world
the world's biggest indoor theme park
my first 360 roller coaster
spoke chinese to get dinner
it's amazing that we managed to order
i saw an angel in the subway
complete with wings and a tiara
she was drinking coffee
in her high heel shoes
we cooked today
noodles, chicken, vegetables, soup, meatballs, potato salad
now i know how it feels to be in a distant land
happiness comes in clicks
in anticipation, we create sensations
to make believe that we are okay 
a smile, a glance
is enough to settle a heart
let alone the knowledge
of a secure tie up
shirt 24,000 won
jeans 40,000 won
KFC - 3,900 won
Bjork cd - 9,500 won
cake 3,500 won
form follows function follows the heart
- lateral net ltd
milk + biscuit - 1,500 won
perhaps it is uncertainity that keeps people apart
perhaps it is because of others' approval that people stay together
the moon smiles in adoration
the snowflakes drift in the mist
stirring up emotions of the past
there is no future
only the present
i dream of hot air balloons in the clouds
i dream of drifting in the wind
i dream of being in a far way land
where it is cold

day 1 of school


history is retold
in a different place
retold at the same pace
retold knowing the way the story unfolds
obessions with the past
keeps one in the past


hopeful hope
feeble fear


sitting in an empty room
tanya singing about the sea
frosted light beams
a glow that i have never seen
words of hope from across the sky
warmth i wish would never die


files 500 won each


yet another rainy day
managed to sing karaoke | chinese songs in korea
feels familiar to hear kelly, mavis & Faye songs


i can't grief so i won't go
- cocteau twins

went to seoul campus today
climbed up a sea of stairs

shopped at myeong-dong | felt as though i was on the streets of hk | felt very jap too!


containers of goods
truckloads of hope
flashes of utopia
in a land of grey

went to dongdaemun
so many things to see
so little time


everything is but a matter of perception
it rained the whole day
thought it would be a while before i get to use my windbreaker as day 1 was hot

went for an Archigram exhibition | inspiring


awoke in a new country today

weird how it is colder outside than in the aircon room that i was sleeping in

train ticket 10,000 won
lunch 3000 won
bread 500 won


reached korea

juice 500 won
bread 1600 won
pocari sweat 1000 won
phone card 10,000 won

npsea i

npsea ii

fleeting moments | random thoughts along the way | what happened? | 11102003 | gwanak san | changdeokgung | jongmyo | bernard tschumi | obsessions | yeouido